At St Thomas of Canterbury Primary School, we view History as an opportunity to inspire and stimulate our children to learn about the past and how it relates to their lives. History is not only taught in a topic based way, but is integrated across the Curriculum with opportunities that are creative and exciting. Across all experiences, we encourage pupils to not only answer questions, but also to ask their own and thus developing their own enquiring minds. Experiences are provided which bring History alive for the children, such as the company ‘History Alive’ who have come to work with us several times already. So far they have completed days on World War I and the Stone to Iron Ages!

During both key stages, pupils learn about people’s lives and lifestyles. This involves looking at significant men, women, children and events from recently, and from the more distant past. They learn about change and continuity in their own area, in Britain and in other parts of the world.

Different approaches to learning and sources are used to look at History in a variety of ways. These include stories, role play, speaking and listening activities and using sources of information. These sources may take the form of books, artefacts or using multimedia to support and research.

Developing Historical skills is just as important as finding out facts and we encourage our children to become ‘detectives’ to find out more and to follow their own lines of enquiry. Historical vocabulary is modelled and used progressively as children move through the school. This allows them to use what they have learnt in the past, apply it and extend it to develop their skills and to discover the past in their own unique way.

History Displays Around School